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In early September 2019, the Delmas Park Neighborhood Association joined with several other nearby neighborhood associations to form the Diridon Area Neighborhood Group (DANG). The purpose of the group is to form a collective voice that can help guide the changes and developments that are coming to the area. DANG is not a NIMBY organization. Our neighborhoods strongly support these developments. But we understand the need to participate in the process to ensure that the changes are positive for the neighborhoods that are affected directly and for the City as whole. DANG is a conduit for the neighborhoods to express our desires and needs to developers and to City officials. Bob Staedler, principal with Silicon Valley Synergy, has been retained as a consultant to help the organization manage, understand, and respond to these issues.

The press release that originally announced the formation of DANG, attached on this page, describes more details of the rationale for the group. Also available is a video of an interview with Kathy Sutherland and Laura Winter, the cofounders of DANG, with Terry Christensen on “Valley Politics” on CreaTV San José.  More information is available on the DANG website.

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Please consider donating to DANG.  Go to www.dangsvs.com, click on "Donate with PayPal", and then select whether to donate with your PayPal account or your credit/debit card.  You may also send a check by mail to:
Silicon Valley Synergy/Bob Staedler
PO Box 611435
San Jose, CA  95161
All funds go toward Bob Staedler's retainer fee.