The Delmas Park Neighborhood Association art committee currently is working on two projects: Lakehouse Historic District Signage, and the Auzerais Gateway Design


The Delmas Park Neighborhood Association, in conjunction with Children's Discovery Museum and with the support of private and public partners is seeking to design, fabricate, and install public art within the Auzerais underpass area, defined as the area bounded by the Children's Discovery Museum west wall, Delmas Avenue and the 87 south onramp, and the area along the freeways and under the freeways to approximately 150 feet south of Auzerais Avenue.

Project Goals
• Enhance the developing Auzerais arterial gateway to the Children's Discovery Museum, light rail and downtown San Jose.
• Improve the safety and awareness of this potentially busy gateway.
• Engage the community and the numerous children who visit, park, or cross this gateway to become aware of and interact with their surroundings and connections through public art and community activities.
• Improve the overall safety and usability of a 225,000 square foot area that includes four traffic lanes, parking for various buses in the city, heavy air and auto traffic overhead, a light rail gateway to the city, an important parking lot for museum, sports and other visitors; and is adjacent to a light rail station and a rapidly developing corner of the Delmas Park neighborhood that includes new eateries, apartments, art schools and other amenities.

January 2015: Auzerais Gateway identified as a priority community project for the art committee.
July 2015: Neighborhood allies with Children's Discovery Museum as key project partner.
September 2015: First demonstration project started with funding and volunteers from Price-Waterhouse (decorating fences along Woz Way and Auzerais parking lot)
February 3, 2015: Auzerais Design Gathering Workshop: A workshop involving 30+ participants was held at Children's Discovery Museum to discuss themes, ideas, projects, and concepts for the entire gateway area. It was attended by more than a dozen residents of the neighborhood plus representatives of City Council District 3, the City Public Arts Department, Valley Transportation Authority, State Assembly member Campos' office, Children's Discovery Museum, Market Almaden neighborhood, and the San Jose Downtown Association.

Key Workshop Questions
How should the features of the Auzerais Underpass Art Project?
• Create a focal point of excitement and interest for the community
• Celebrate and enhance the positive impact inherent in the transportation connections and
child-friendly experiences the site represents?
• Be original, be engaging, to be enjoyed in all seasons?
• Be interactive. Increase neighborhood activity and enjoyment?
• Delmas Park Neighborhood Action Coalition 408-506-4349
• Be fabricated from durable, low maintenance material that can withstand the elements
and requires minimal maintenance?
• Recognize what's important about public and private amenities adjacent to the site?
• Allow expansion of its theme into other public spaces within the Downtown and
surrounding and the greater Auzerais gateway?
• Not pose risks to the environment or people traveling through the gateway?
How will the art in this space?
• Work in a variety of media and forms will be considered. Examples of media include, but
are not limited to: paint, plastic, vinyl, metal, stone, concrete, and ceramics.

Next Steps: The neighborhood art committee and CDM staff are working on plans with a June 2016 deadline.


Underpass Reel: February 3, 2016. Examples of Underpasses around the world and programmed activities in underpass areas.

Beautification Plan: August, 2015: Original beautification overview for the Auzerais Gateway area.


The Lakehouse Historic District is a small area of 125-year old Victorian homes encompassing the 300 and 400 blocks of West San Fernando, the 100 block of Gifford, the 400 block of Lakehouse and the 100 block of Delmas. It is the smallest historic district in the city of San Jose.

The Delmas Park Neighborhood Association Art Committee proposes to design and raise funds for Historic District signage and follow-on projects to further highlight the 165-year history of the surrounding neighborhood.