9/1/15 Beautification plan for Auzerais underpass being rolled out in neighborhood.

7/1/14 Diridon Plan Adopted Long-term plan for Delmas Park and adjoining neighborhoods adopted.

6/1/14 Diridon Plan overview document Here's a slide show of the city's plans for the Greater Diridon Area. What it means is that there will be more developement for business north of the arena. In the train station area will be new office towers and entertainment venues in the long term. South of the train will be high-rise and retail development. As far as our neighborhood is concerned the biggest impact will be some rezoning along West San Carlos. We can expect more housing and retail development.

Document List (Top to bottom)

14. Auzerais Design Gathering Documents for February 3 meeting.

13. Auzerais Art Beautification Project, August 2015

12. Neighborwalk presentation. In August, 2011, Phil Hood discussed neighborwalks with the Spartan-Keyes neighborhood team. Here's the presentation.

11. High-Speed Rail: Images of what an elevated high-speed rail line above Bird Avenue might look like.

10. High-Speed Rail: Images of design discussion ideas for high-speed rail bridge across Interstate 280.

 9. Registration Form for Disaster Preparedness course June 4, 2011.

8. Letter requesting that the DOT and City Council push for continued study and inclusion of the a Modified Tunnel Option for high-speed-rail through San Jose in the final environmental impact report. May, 2010

7. Redistricting Letter-Requesting that Delmas Park remain in District 6.

6. The Ballpark Tour-November 2010- Q&A Notes

5. The Ballpark Tour-November 2010--Slides showing the development area and images of proposed ballpark.

4. Diridon Good Neighbor Committee Final Report to be presented to City Council December 7, 2010. These are recommendations for development of the overall Diridon Area.

3. Delmas Park General Plan (2010) overview. A one-page map of the current Delmas Park Plan.

2. Neighborhood Leadership Institute-Brochure for annual Neighborhood Leader training courses held at San Jose State each November.

1. Delmas Park Original Strong Neighborhoods Initiative Plan 2002

Auzerais Project-Workshop-Overview.pdf Auzerais Project-Workshop-Overview.pdf
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